• Local initiatives supported by the Tobacco Free Sumter Partnership include those below:

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    Point of Sale

    Stop illegal tobacco and vape product sales and predatory marketing practices.


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    • At first glance, a convenience store looks innocent enough, but there are some deadly things going on here, courtesy of Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco’s last frontier is the convenience store, where there are few restrictions. In fact, the majority of their advertising and promotional dollars are spent there - $7.3 Billion A Year. Learn More
    • Today’s retail environment looks something like this, with a large powerwall that displays traditional combustible cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes and forms of other tobacco products, including little cigars and cigarillos, smokeless tobacco, and snus.
    • Ending the sale of menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars will save lives and help promote health equity. Menthol cigarettes make it easier to start smoking and harder to quit. That is why flavors, including menthol, are one of the primary reasons kids start using tobacco products. Currently, nearly 19 million people smoke menthol cigarettes. The use of menthol is highest among Black and brown communities and the lesbian, gay and bisexual population.
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    Tobacco Free Schools (K12)

    Learn how schools can get smart on tobacco prevention

    • Youth spend more time in school than almost anywhere else
    • 9 of 10 of adult smokers start before age 18
    • Youth e-cigarette use is a nationwide epidemic
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    Tobacco Free Public Spaces (Parks/Beaches)

    • The recent update to Florida’s seminal Florida Clean Air Act, “The Regulation of Smoking by Counties and Municipalities Act”, allows local governments to enact policies to restrict smoking in outdoor shared spaces they own and operate, such as public beaches and community parks.
    • Tobacco free spaces like parks, beaches, recreational facilities and courtyards have surged in popularity throughout the United States. Learn More